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Discoveries, solutions & ideas
from the data industry

Transpose is a side project by two Danish data enthusiasts. Working professionally in the data field, this blog is used to explore challenges we encounter in our day-to-day work.

The topics that interest us and that you will find on this blog include:

  • Data Engineering & Big Data
  • Data Science & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Deployment & Orchestration Tools
  • Visualization & Analytics
  • ETL & Data Prep
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Who are we

Meet the blog authors


Thomas Hoeck

Lead Data Scientist

Deriving insight from data through analysis, data engineering and modelling.

My focus is on data analysis, machine learning and cloud technologies – in particular the solutions and infrastructure needed to bring an idea to production.


Andreas Butze

Data Engineer

Consistently delivering data to end-users through stable data pipelines and resilient design choices.

I enjoy paving the road to better decision making by building strong data foundations. My motivation lies in the impact correct use of data can produce.